• Volvo Trucks of North America
  • Lord
  • First Community Bank
  • Full Frame
  • College of Charleston
  • Volvo Trucks of North America

    Volvo Trucks of North America



  • BCBSNC Health Care Reform

    BCBSNC Health Care Reform

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

  • Lord


    Lord Support Trade Show

  • First Community Bank

    First Community Bank
  • Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

    Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

    Southwestern Vermont Medical Center attracts some of the top physicians in the nation. But to local residents, it’s equally important that they are seen as […]

  • UNC Health Care–Cancer TV

    UNC Health Care–Cancer TV

    Reveal Destiny

  • Full Frame

    Full Frame

    The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival is an annual occurrence in Durham, NC. These outdoor boards were created from the large variety of press coverage […]

  • College of Charleston

    College of Charleston

    College of Charleston is a public university, seeking to attract South Carolina’s brightest students. They must compete with other larger in-state universities (Clemson, USC) that […]

  • UNC Connections

    UNC Connections

    A simple “Problem/Solution” approach to quickly communicate the specialty service lines of UNC Health Care. The campaign extended to print, TV, outdoor, internet, and direct […]

  • UNC Cancer

    UNC Cancer

    At the time, UNC’s multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care was a unique, though complex consumer message. These ads simplified the message, and directed readers to […]

  • Volvo


    The Volvo “Moment In Time” campaign used a storytelling approach to show drivers of other trucks just how good life could be in a Volvo. […]

  • MetroWest Medical Center

    MetroWest Medical Center

    A simple idea to communicate the child inside these pediatric specialists. In other words, the shadow knows. A fun concept that worked well in print, […]

  • Cooper Bone & Joint

    Cooper Bone & Joint

    Cooper University Hospital is known throughout New Jersey/Philadelphia as a Level I Trauma Center. The “Numbers” campaign shows the many other ways they are advancing […]

  • Pediatric Specialty Center

    Pediatric Specialty Center

    The “Billy” campaign used the concept of a children’s activity book to demonstrate how pediatric specialists from Tufts Medical Center were coming to outlying Boston […]

  • REX Healthcare–TV

    REX Healthcare–TV

    Choir   Baby   Operators   Free Parking   Heart

  • Volvo–TV



  • East Carolina Heart Institute

    East Carolina Heart Institute

    The “Mirror” campaign introduces the new, state-of-the art East Carolina Heart Institute to the 29 counties of eastern North Carolina.   East Carolina Heart Institute […]

  • UNC Healthcare–Connections TV

    UNC Healthcare–Connections TV

    Connections-Fishing Connections-Golf Connections-Merry Go Round

  • Truliant


    Truliant Federal Credit Union is one of the few credit unions anyone in the area can join–a powerful fact most people didn’t realize until we […]

  • Nasher Museum of Art

    Nasher Museum of Art

    Original music created with the help of a Duke adjunct professor (and guitarist) help to give this TV spot its low-budget power. El Greco Exhibit

  • Radio (Time Warner Cable Digital TV)

    Radio (Time Warner Cable Digital TV)

    Feeling groovy in the 21st Century.

  • Radio (Tufts Medical Center)

    Radio (Tufts Medical Center)

    A quintessential math problem solved by Tufts Medical Center.

  • Radio (CellularOne)

    Radio (CellularOne)

    Hot enough for you?

  • Radio (Rex Healthcare)

    Radio (Rex Healthcare)

    We recorded a father teaching his son to drive a stick shift car for the very first time.

  • Radio (Time Warner Cable)

    Radio (Time Warner Cable)

    Could there be such a thing as TOO many sports channels?