Lord Support AdFront Tradeshow Booth Banner

Lord "O" VideoThe video would flash through a range of our pro-active words with dynamic visuals behind them, with the “o” always centered for dramatic, eye-catching purposes. Words could be grouped by industry, to demonstrate the wide range of companies we serve.

THE ICONIC “O” - COLUMN BANNERSThe iconic “O” – Column Banners

THE ICONIC “O” - BOOTH VIEW 1The iconic “O” – Trade Show Booth View 1

THE ICONIC “O” - BOOTH VIEW 2The iconic “O” – Trade Show Booth View 2

Lord-Beenthere-BoothFront1Been there, doing that – Front Booth Banner



Lord-BeenThere-VideoThe video could similarly show our heritage. Since we wouldn’t want to use sound on a video at the conference, we could again employ graphics of then and now, perhaps with brief type graphics explaining our products and their use in various industries.